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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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. . we have a storm moving our way. the tools on your smart phone can unlock the best ways to travel and save you time and money. the busy roads to the long lines at the airport, we are getting into the thick of thanksgiving travel. >> millions of people are hitting the road, taking the train and catching a flight for the holiday. it's not your the holiday rush really does seem to start earlier every year. >> transportation reporter adam tuss is along i-95 in laurel. he talked to people who are taking all the traffic in stride today. adam? >> reporter: that's right, pat. i can confirm all of this. the holiday rush is well underway. 95 has been heavy all day long. right now actually has been a little bit of an improvement, but we're going to start to get rush hour mixing in with holiday
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to get ugly as we go through the rest of the night on the roads. so if you're planning to head out or head home, be prepared for that. it's not just 9 roads. it is the rails, airports, we are talking about record numbers of travelers all over the place. but it's just going to take a little bit of extra patience. take a listen to these drivers trying to get away to new jersey. . >> we left early. it's never early enough. every year >> sometimes it's wednesday and this year it's tuesday. >> yeah, the sooner you have to leave. >> always seems like d.c. is the spot where people slow down from the south headed to the north. that's what they were talking about today. everything was going smoothly until our region. you have 95 and the beltway to mix with. so just give yourself extra
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just as bad as today? >> reporter: actually, no. i think over the years that we have seen the travel has gotten less and less as we have gotten closer to thanksgiving. a lot of people hit the airports this past weekend. a lot of people hit the road monday night into today. we're certainly seeing a crush of riders out here today and travelers today. so i think actually tomorrow might be an improved day. we'll have to wait and see. for now, we're talking about a bu >> adam tuss, thank you. you can just see a little bit from here with the flag flapping in the breeze there. the winds are starting to die down. but it's still a bit cold and blustery out there. millions of folks get ready to travel for thanksgiving. let's go to the storm center and doug kammerer. what's in store? >> next couple days, one thing is for sure, we'll stay on the cool side as we move on through.
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some areas. the coldest we have seen so far will be very similar as far as the numbers are concerned. some will be colder as far as temperatures go. but we won't see as much in the way of windchill u. here are the morning temperatures. down to 34 in d.c. culpepper down to 16 degrees. 28 in winchester. fredericksburg at 21. the radar nothing to show in our region. notice back not going to be too strong in our area, but it has a chance for rain on thanksgiving day. we'll talk more about that. always a good time to download the nbc washington app. you'll track that rain for yourself. download that app if you can right now. a big meeting just wrapped up between president-elect donald trump and "the new york times." it was an on the record conversation with times editors
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meeting. trump tried to mend fences with the times saying he respects the newspaper. he appeared to brush off concerns about a conflict of interest with his businesses saying the law is totally on my side. trump also disavowed the alt-right saying he's not a group -- it's not a group he wants to energize. he said he was keeping an open mind about climate change. the president-elect also chose an in office. he released a video on social media with six major proposals. they include withdrawing from the transpacific trade it partnership, canceling restrictions on energy providers and instituting lobbying bans on white house staffers. trump plans to carry out those proposals through executive order. two things that weren't mentioned in the video is building a wall and repealing the affordable care act. >> they need congress on board
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during the meeting with the times, he confirmed he's not interested in pursuing criminal charges against hillary clinton. the president-elect wants to help clinton heal and congress to focus on the american people. >> i think when the president-elect is also the head of your party tells you before he's even inaugurated he doesn't wish to pursue charges it sends a strong message to the members. >> it caused an uproar promised to put his opponent in jail. now to the big announcement today in the district. impacting thousands of teachers, parents and their children. mayor bowser introduced antoine wilson today. right now he's the superintendent of oakland california schools. wilson, who has to be confirmed, could carry on and speed up
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chancellors. >> i believe wholeheartedly in academic social learning. not just academic success, but success as people. we should care about how they interact with each other. >> coming up in our next hour, tom sherwood talks with wilson about what personally inspire ued him to be a principal and. superintendent. we're learning more about a crash that killed people in gaithersburg. a driver crossed thece south of woodfield road. chris gordon learned one of the victim was a grandfather of five. >> reporter: police have now identified the two drivers who were killed in this fatal crash here along air fair park road. the 27-year-old was driving his honda southbound and according to police crossed the double
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killing a 67-year-old. i spoke to director of the montgomery county police accident reconstruction unit. >> we know that speeds is a factor, but we don't know. if he was speeding. being that this road is 50 miles an hour, we know there was a a lot of speed involved in the crash and the damage to the vehicle shows it. >> reporter: we'll hear from the daughter of one of the victims who tells us why her dad was driving here at the time of this crash. that's it the latest from gaithersburg, back to you. president obama is cracking a joke or two this afternoon at some celebrities at their expense. first at 4:00, bittersweet honored at the white house and how ellen almost missed the whole thing. black friday is almost here. if you show up without a plan,
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the 11th surge of metro's safetrack project kicks off on monday. during the next phase, the repair work will impact the orange and silver lines. trains will be single tracking between west falls church and east falls church from november 28th to december 21st. the work will also affect riders of the loudoun county bus service. surge ten on the red line ends today. if you're flying out of town this week, keep an eye out getting to and from the airport. if you catch a taxi at reagan national, the cab will charge $3 on top of the fair. uber charges $4 for pickup and drop off at the airport. if that sounds like a lot, you're right. there's some of the highest fees in the country. school bus tragedy. shocking new details about what the driver of a school bus said just moments before crashing. the macy's thanksgiving
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away, but security is already a big concern. the unprecedented measures underway to protect the parade.
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breaking news from wall street. check out the big board. you might want to check out your 401(k). >> t it's part of the most election rally that continues to push the market to records. the s&p 500 also closed at a record high. first at 4:00, federal investigators are trying to figure out what caused e yesterday's deadly school bus crash that killed five children in tennessee. >> the bus driver is under arrest and several students are still in the hospital fighting for their lyes.
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>> reporter: 12 of those children are still in the hospital on around the clock care u. people are continuing to come out to show their support. as investigators are continuing to do i have through evidence, something we're told could take months, possibly even up to a year. more than 18 hours after this bus crash took the lives of five young children people stopped to walk as wad from the scene. >> of those deaths, we have three in the fourth grade, one a kindergartner and one was a first grader. >> reporter: the mangled metal is now in the hands of the invest southbound as the community tries to cope. >> thanksgiving is not at the top of my list. i kaebts think about anything right now. >> reporter: 35 students were on board when the bus flipped on
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the 30 miles per hour speed limit before losing control of the bus. now he's facing five counts of vehicular manslaughter, reckless endangerment and reckless driving. >> they will always be with us. this is something we will never forget here as a community. >> reporter: the superintendent kept classes as scheduled tuesday to provide counsellors for those who e need it most. >> pray for the community and the families that lost their children. >> reporter: while police handle investigation, the ntsb will evaluate bus safety and how to protect kids moving forward. it's an investigation that could take up to a year. for now, the focus is on the children and helping their families and the community e get through this unimaginable loss. >> tonight a memorial service will be held a at a local church not far from the elementary school where the children went.
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fund to help family members. >> a lot of folks will be praying for those families. right now the first wmpl of the season is in the record books and marquette is the first to get over a foot of snow. heavy lake-effect snow hit the upper peninsula over the weekend. snowplows have been busy ever since and police have been responding to a lot of accidents. i got to tell you, white thanksgiving just doesn't christmas. >> we're not talking about a white thanksgiving, but we're talking about maybe a stormy thanksgiving. >> could be a little on the wet side in some areas. you saw my winter forecast. the percentage of a white christmas is up this year. just saying. we are looking out and i want to show you this. we have some high clouds coming
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the sun off to the left there. every once in awhile you get the reflection and refraction through the ice clouds. you get that bright spot off to the right or left of the sun. that's called a sun dog. that one picked up pretty well by our live tower cam. pretty cool this evening. take a look at the airport. one thing you know for sure, look at the traffic down there. hope you're not traveling today. you're going to run into delays. 50 degrees the current temperature. temperatures dropping very quickly today. we have very dry air. the wind starting to settle. many will be in the 20s by 11:00. current temperatures only 43 in gaithersburg. 47 at dulles. you don't have too far to get back into the 30s. i think you'll be in the 30s by
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that means we're not dealing with the wind. it's just to the north that we have seen those gusts. we are clear. we're going to stay that way today and tomorrow. u be here's the storm that i'm watching bringing snow and rain to central portions of the country. that moves our way and. will affect us during thanksgiving. let's talk about tomorrow morning. what are the temperatures? 23 in martinsburg. a cold starlet to your highs about where they are today. upper 40s to around 50 to 51 degrees. we'll see increasing clouds ahead of the storm system and still chilly. how about that storm system tomorrow night? here's 8:00. we have the cloud cover, but no rain just yet. here comes the shower activity early on thursday morning. notice the showers. hagerstown and winchester. by 10:00 inside the i-95 corridor and by noon, most of it getting out of here. this will be a very quick
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moisture with it. i do not think it should affect too much on the roadways. it's something we'll be tracking for you. 53 on thursday. 54 on friday. 53 on saturday. the weekend looking pretty good. tom kierein has the latest for you at 4:45. he will take you hour by hour for your thanksgiving holiday. >> thank you, doug. ready, set, shop. black friday is almost here. but do you really know how to get the best need to know. traveling for the holidays can be complicated but your phone could be the key to an easier trip. which tools could save time and money. traveling for thanksgiving? we have you covered. >> whether you're in prince georges, fairfax or montgomery county, traffic is working for you keeping an eye on the roads and rails to help your family get out the door.
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whose owner talked about why he chose these birds. >> they are just really calm, really friendly, very interactive. they played really well with the kids. it's like another member of the family. >> they spent a little time with the turkey mascot since they will get to retire at a special farm in the blacksburg area. if you are traveling for the holidays, social media could be your best travel buddy. >> your phone could hold the key to an easier trip out of town. angie goff has the answer. >> you might need it more than you know. if you are hitting the roads, do not forget to follow gas buddy.
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website. plug in the zip codes where you're driving. instantly find the cheapest gas around. flying, don't forget about this free app. it's called fleet. you can monitor your flight, security lines, delays and even share your eta. it does erg but carry your luggage. also the tsa tweeting get them while they are hot. thanksgiving travel tips and no turkey included. but this is some good news. if precheck lines are you're going, you can check that in realtime. hearing those precheck lines already filling up really fast. also the tsa offering this. it's called ask tsa where you can ask your questions. we'll post all these travel tips that you can use and keep in your pocket in our nbc washington app. it is a big day at the white
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highest civilian honor. one of them wasn't prepared for white house security. we'll show you what happened when ellen was locked out. police around the country are on high alert after a troubling last few
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it's the great escape and it's now underway. millions of people taking to the roads, rails and runway heading out of town for thanksgiving. the school system has a new chancellor. tom sherwood and mark segraves with the first to report on antwan wilson coming from california where he has been superintendent for two years. in tennessee, police say a school bus driver was going too fast when he crashed the bus killing five students and injuring more than 20 others. he's charged with five counts of
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president-elect donald trump is heading to florida for a thanksgiving, but not before finishing up some business in manhattan. >> the man has made it clear he's no fan of the media, but he went to "the new york times" for an extended discussion. the big news is he did not want another investigation into hillary clinton. we are live with the latest. >> the times says the meeting began with a grievance. the president-elect saying he's not being treated fairly. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump visited his media arch nemesis. >> "the new york times," which i call the failing "new york times" is losing a fortune. >> they live tweeted the meet ing and said he began with complaints and respects the paper and wants to make peace. among the many headlines,
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favor another e-mails investigation, but contends that won't disappoint the supporters who delighted in the battle cry "lock her up." >> there's a tradition in american politics that after you win an election, you sort of put things behind you. >> reporter: the president-elect distanced himself from extremists on the right, but dismissed criticism about stephen bannon and defended acknowledged that his brand is hottest. but he played down concerned about conflicts of interest and says the law is on his side. the president-elect also told the times he's leaning toward retired general james madden as his defense secretary. we're getting new details about the man arrested for
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detective. he's telling reporters why he did it. as he was being transported to the jail last night, otis mccain said he was upset about a custody battle involving his son. he lashed out at someone who didn't deserve it and apologized to the detective's family. >> i have been through several custody battles and upset at the situation i was in. i lashed out that somebody didn't e deserve it. >> >> detective was shot in his squad car sunday after pulling someone else over for a traffic stop. police say he walked up to the driver's side window and fired. he's now charged with capital murder. 60 law enforcement officers have been shot and killed this year, which is well ahead of where we were last year.
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who have lost their lives in the line of duty. >> reporter: this is where all of those police officers will be remembered. the national law enforcement officers memorial in northwest washington. their names will be inscribed on these walls alongside their brothers and sisters who fell before them. but this next ceremony coming up in may will be different than any other ceremony because of the enormous number of names that will have to be e added to the wall. so far than in all of 2015 and when you look at the number of officers shot and killed those numbers really spike. 20 police officers have been ambushed and killed. added to that, next year they will also add more than 100 names from officers who died from illnesses and diseases related to the 9/11 attacks in new york. >> all of these names will be remembered here on the national
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those names in the database. it is a job she does with love. >> it's just heartbreaking to see all the violence and specifically for no reason. >> they expect nearly 400 names to be added to this wall next may at their ceremony during police week. from the national law enforcement officers memorial in northwest washington, mark segraves, news 4. we have the fading light here. the early sunsets about 15 minutes away. a a live view from the tower camera overlooking capitol hill. just a few clouds drifting over the metro area. another dry day. and a chilly afternoon. temperatures are hovering near 50 degrees. we're in the 40s. and hour by hour, as we get into the evening, it will quickly get chilly.
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mid-evening and may be by freezing in the upper 40s by then. your thanksgiving forecast is coming in a few minutes. we want to send a great big thank you to everyone who supported our effort to feed local families this thanksgiving. yesterday you helped us raise nearly 42,000 in our food for families campaign. >> we collected two truckloads of food at verizon you can still help. go to the nbc washington web page or the app to get details on how you can still make a donation. search "food for families." >> pat was down there it from the crack of down until the sun is had set for hours. what stood out to you? >> people were so incredibly generous this year pop to see
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food that they bought, that they went to the grocery store or that they collected in their offices to bring down. one apartment building the folks got together and decorated a nice box to look like a turkey and filled it up and brought all those canned and boxed food items down there. there were folk who is have come every year and those who came for the first time. their hearts were so open and they gave so much. there was an older woman and i'll tell you this quickly. was here this morning but she forgot to bring you this. and it just -- it made my heart so warm. we can't thank you enough. you have been so generous. people are just the best. >> big hearts out there. >> and there will be some really happy families on thanksgiving. all the baskets will be delivered by thanksgiving day. so you made a lot of folks happy for thanksgiving. >> that's the other end of all that work. getting the food and everything out. that's a lot of work.
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but we love doing it. millions of eyes are going to be on the famous macy's parade on thanksgiving morning. security measures are unlike anything we have seen in years. why police are stepping up. plus some of the biggest names in science, sports and entertainment here in washington. how it's bittersweet for the outgoing first family and what happened when one of the
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two dozen of the biggest names in sports and show business were at the white house today. >> they were it there to receive the nation's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. the medal is awarded to people who made significant contributions to the country's security or national interests. this year president obama award 21 medals to everyone from le ellen degeneres to tom hanks and michael jordan. the president said this was one of the most ta ever. >> we have innovators and artists, public servants, rabble-rousers, athletes, renowned character actors like the guy from "space jam." >> there were plenty of moments like that as well. the ceremony also honored
4:42 pm
. we put the list of recipients in the nbc washington app. ellen nearly missed the ceremony. earlier this afternoon she tweeted this picture saying she forgot her i.d. and couldn't get into the white house. it took about an hour to clear up the problem, but ellen tweeted that she was allowed inside. she also posted this video of a manikin challenge with all the medal of freedom recipients. >> that's really f that on our website. that's something you want to go back and take a longer look at that. it was really pretty cool. the biggest shopping day of the year is just three days away. and if you want to get the best deals, i have toot a little planning first.
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a disturbing discovery overnight and a mystery that police are trying to unravel in the district. >> a woman with serious burns in d.c. this was right alistening holbrook and morris streets. it's not clear how long she will be there suffering. mollet green has the story. >> reporter: disturbing details emerged throughout the morning into. a face and upper body. >> i heard. >> reporter: shocking to hear and see for this man especially who says the badly injured woman found on the sidewalk is his daughter-in-law. a woman who is in her early 30s. >> i got in contact with the mother. >> reporter: every piece of evidence collected from the clothing bagged as evidence. two other items in a scorched
4:47 pm
the night in the 1200 block of holbrook street here in northeast. it's awful. police used whatever images captured from a police camera, fire investigators bring in an arson dog to sniff out just how this all happened. >> i'm standing in almost the there's a a surveillance camera just steps from me. at this point, it appears to be a horrible accident. three feet of snow with seven-foot drifts reached up to the roofs blanketing cars and
4:48 pm
weather made commutes especially dangerous. a pair of tractor trailers wrecked on 81. that area is bracing for the possibility of more snow before the holiday week is over. between that and what we saw in michigan, i am done complaining about the cold weather here. >> love the snow sculptures though. sunset underway. the sun just now setting. just a few high clouds now drifting over the metro area. still a november still in the air. hovering around 50 degrees in the metro area. right out there in reston, it's down to the mid-40s. 50 around the chesapeake bay. off to the west, temperatures are just in the low to mid-40s as well.
4:49 pm
by dawn tomorrow, many areas down to the 20s. nearby suburbs generally in the upper 20s. many of the rural areas of virginia and west virginia may get down to near 20 degrees. so what to wear tonight and wednesday, your warm coat. you'll need warm footwear. have a gloves and hat when morning. you'll be needing to use your warmest winter gear. travel wise, there's no snow. if you're going to be flying out that way, maybe some flight delays and rain in the midwest. that's going to begin to come our way by thanksgiving day. the metro planner is is back down to the low 40s by 8:00. then by 11:00, the upper 30s. a cold and dry evening. the metro area in the 30s.
4:50 pm
morning commute. we'll stay dry and by noon, the mid-40s. then up around 50 degrees around 3:00. then heading back home we'll be chilly right back into the upper 40s. storm team 4:00 outlook we'll have our temperatures on wednesday near 50 degrees. then on thanksgiving day, we'll have some clouds in the morning. we'll have a possibility of a few sprinkles around and temperatures in the low to mid-40s during the morning and 50 degrees. when you're heading over the river and through the woods to grandma's condominium, low 50s. sunshine may be breaking out. that's going to be by late in the afternoon on thanksgiving day. friday a few sprinkles. after that, dry into the weekend. could get. milder temperatures on tuesday. that's the way it looks. >> that looks a little better.
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the best deals to take advantage of. >> get a pen and paper. susan hogan is here with some insight. >> absolutely. i'll be first to confess i hate black friday shopping. never have done it. it's just crazy. if you do have to be armed and ready and be a smart shopper to know what you're getting into and getting on black friday. personal finance website looked at the best things to buy. let's start with the the video games. we're talking about the software part. it says you can find the greatest deals on black friday. it's also a good time to shop for appliances as well as furniture. and also if you're in the market for computers and phones, it's worth waiting for blk friday deals. they also locked at specific products worth buying on black friday.
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and you can get a sewnny 75-inch smart tv for $500. that's huge. you can find more wallet black friday deals worth shopping for and also what to avoid buying on black friday. just go to our nbc washington things about black friday is all the special rules associated with each and every sale. >> you are so right. it's so important. e we mention this as well because you want to make sure you do your homework. because often times on black friday, those deals aren't really deals. earlier this afternoon, i hosted a conversation on facebook live on what you should know about
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facebook page right now. every store, every retailer, things can totally be different. you really need to ask. >> thank you. >> good thing she's telling us now because half the stores are are going to be open on thursday. >> some of us will just be at dinner. >> you and me both. >> thank you. on thursday morning, all eyes will be on the macy's thanksgiving day there's a lot of work going on behind the scenes to protect the parade. why there are extra security precautions this year. >> you're watching news 4 first
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a man from new york is accused of trying to join isis and carry out an attack in times
4:57 pm
join isis several times last year, but couldn't make it across the border into into syria. he was inspired by an attack in nice and wanted to drive a truck through times square. he's facing charges of providing material support for terrorism. security is a top priority at this year's macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> the nypd has been in planning
4:58 pm
nice over the summer. but new yorkers aren't phased. >> anybody can do it. >> it's the best season in the world. i understand we have threats, but we have protection. >> reporter: non-new yorkers here to watch her daughter perform in the parade believe the holiday tradition and the city are up to the challenge. >> it's a dream come true for me to be here at the parade, but to watch my have complete faith in the nypd to keep us safe. >> the show must go on. >> that's right. if you can't make it this year, we hope you'll join us here on nbc 4. live coverage of the parade starts thursday morning at 9:00. right now at 5:00, trouble for a local sheriffs deputy. the details of his arrest on child pornography charges. the holiday rush is getting
4:59 pm
what you can expect in the forecast if you're staying here in town. the first real change in a decade. who is it he? the story, coming up. we begin with the sheriffs deputy facing child pornography charges. good evening, i'm wendy rieger. >> and i'm jim handly. it's a case that involves a ten-year veteran of the charles county sheriffs office. >> meagan fitzgerald is live at the federal courthouse where he made his first appearance today. >> reporter: alexander sullivan was investigated thursday. this is when this all started. he was placed on administrative
5:00 pm
judge ordered him to be released. he asked for a monitoring bracelet and ordered to stay away from children. laurmt officers take an oath to protect and serve. even when it means investigating one of their own. the sheriff says his deputies took swift action when they received a tip that deputy alexander sullivan, a ten-year veteran of the force, was suspected of uploading child pornography. according to court documen exploited children share investigators. the center was able to provide a name and cell number of a person suspected of uploading the images. deputies quickly realized it was sullivan's phone and got a a search warrant and found over 200 images and five videos of what they believe is child pornography. zul event was arrested and the case was turned over to federal investigators.


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